Rachel McAdams in Married Life

Longing for another Rachel's playing in a big screen?

You are to watch Married Life which is starred Chris Cooper, Patricia Clarkson, Pierce Brosnan, and of course Rachel McAdams.

It is a movie with many twists and turns and it places its characters in situations where they interweave in darkly comic ways. The film is really a period drama of manners that aims to model itself in part on Alfred Hitchcock's movies in their association of criminal innuendo with sexual mores. But whereas Hitchcock carries off his dark pieces in effortless style, this one flounders a little in the mix of the several moral dilemmas it creates along the way.

You will find some very distinctive moments that make the film worth a visit for those who enjoy the genre of dark comedy.

Married Life is directed by Ira Sachs.