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Wednesday, July 30

Rachel McAdams is going to rekindle her romance with Ryan Gosling?

The actress is reportedly to be the special guest at Ryan's DJ debut at Hollywood hotspot Green Door lounge.

A friend of Gosling says that Rachel arrived to support Ryan who is spinning tunes from the '40s and '50s.

"They talked when he was away from the deejay stand. They really looked like good pals. He seemed happy to see her," a pal confirmed.

Source: People

Friday, July 18

Longing for another Rachel's playing in a big screen?

You are to watch Married Life which is starred Chris Cooper, Patricia Clarkson, Pierce Brosnan, and of course Rachel McAdams.

It is a movie with many twists and turns and it places its characters in situations where they interweave in darkly comic ways. The film is really a period drama of manners that aims to model itself in part on Alfred Hitchcock's movies in their association of criminal innuendo with sexual mores. But whereas Hitchcock carries off his dark pieces in effortless style, this one flounders a little in the mix of the several moral dilemmas it creates along the way.

You will find some very distinctive moments that make the film worth a visit for those who enjoy the genre of dark comedy.

Married Life is directed by Ira Sachs.

Friday, July 18

Now we know that not only ordinary people like us who've been a huge fans of Rachel McAdams. See Miranda Cosgrove who's been been destined for stardom, and have been working with numerous actors and actreses, there is one she longs for: Rachel!

The Drake & Josh
actress hopes to someday work with Rachel McAdams, one of the many actresses Miranda draws inspiration from.

“Rachel was wonderful in The Notebook and Mean Girls. I have had the chance to meet her but I hope to get the opportunity to work with her someday.” Hm-mm, you are not the only one who wants it, Ms. Cosgrove...

Source: thedowneypatriot

Thursday, July 10

The Time Traveler's Wife could be one of movies you don't want to miss.

Rachel McAdams (Clare Abshire) is absolutely in the movie with Eric Bana (Henry DeTamble).

In this Romance-SciFi categorized movie you will find Henry DeTamble, a dashing, adventuresome librarian who travels involuntarily through time, and Clare Abshire, an artist whose life takes a natural sequential course. Henry and Clare's passionate love affair endures across a sea of time and captures the two lovers in an impossibly romantic trap.

The Time Traveler's Wife
will be released on 25 December 2008.

A long wait, uh?

Saturday, June 14

Here is one of the most deeply moving films in years, telling two tales. One is warm and slow. At a nursing home, a visitor (James Garner) reads a love story to a patient (Gena Rowlands).

The other is the story he's reading, filled with youthful vigor. In the 1940s, a young man (Ryan Gosling), solid and hardworking, pursues a wealthy beauty (Rachel McAdams).

There was much room for sloppy sentiment here, all avoided. Director Nick Cassavetes (Rowland's son) and his cast offer a richly human story.

read the full story

Sunday, April 20

If you're wondering which DVD will be your choice this Saturday, you may try Red Eye, a horror-thriller genre movie.

Directed by Wes Craven, who was the director of the Nightmare on Elm Street and the Scream series, Red Eye gives a squeeze maximum tension from a pulpy script.

Red Eye takes place on a flight to Miami, where a woman named Lisa Reisertis (Rachel McAdams), kidnapped by a stranger Jackson Rippner (Cillian Murphy) on a routine flight. Threatened by the potential murder of her father, she is pulled into a plot to assist her captor in offing a politician.

Red Eye is also starred Brian Cox, Jayma Mays, and Laura Johnson.

Saturday, April 19

Like everyone can see, Rachel is beautiful. Have anyone tried to figure out why the beauty has always been hers?

Rachel is beautiful because she always looks good, no matter what her look is. Blonde, brunette, good girl, bad girl, she is always sexy as hell.

Here is Rachel with Ellen DeGeneres:

I always thought Rachel was one of the most beautiful women in the world, and its because of the “broadness” of her beauty. Rachel also has a great smile, that makes her sparkle in every picture she is in.

I can’t believe that she is 31, that’s far from old, but I think she looks at least 8 years younger, and it is all because of her smile, and blue eyes.

I have watched a lot of movies starring Rachel McAdams, and she is the only reason that I did watch them. I also can’t end this post with out stressing how great she really is. Rachel isn’t just your pretty face, she is one of the best actors out there, and you can count on the fact that you will be impressed with every job she does.

Already clear enough why Ms. Rachel turns just to be beautiful?

You may add more!

Source: cuzoogle

Friday, March 7

Rachel McAdams wants some real actions.

The actress told MTV recently that she's a fan of comics and graphic novels.
McAdams, who joined audition for Iron Man, Fantastic Four, and
Batman Begins
, but lost the competition, demands to take the Black Orchid

The Notebook star said, "It's a really interesting character. She's a superhero
that's a flower. I don't know if that would work or the audiences would be
interested in that, but she was kind of cool."

I love the way she acts. Hope that she grabs the role for the Black Orchid.

Source: Cinematical

Monday, May 21

Public are now discussing about Rachel McAdams' age after some websites list
different years she was born..

The question came up after People Magazine lists her as being 29 on on the
star's profile. This has made her publicist complained about the write-up and
details, said that, "Her birthday is inaccurately reported" and convinced
the public that McAdams is 28 years old. People Magazine agreed to run a

Another site, IMDb.com, denied to make correction because they are pretty sure
that McAdams was born in October, 1976 and she is 30 years old.

Some sources believe that McAdams manipulated her age, tell People that it's
"no secret among the producers."

28, 29, 30, 40 years old? Whatever her age, I love
Rachel McAdams.

Source: Actress Archives

Tuesday, April 17

Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams have denied they are to marry in a secret ceremony, insisting they have no plans to get engaged in the near future.

Sources tell Us Weekly the stars of The Notebook were planning a double engagement party and wedding ceremony for later this year and ordered their families to keep the plans top secret. But McAdams’ spokesperson says the wedding rumors are "completely false".

Friday, February 24

Scarlett Johansson and Keira Knightley posed nude for the fold-out cover Vanity Fair and their Hollywood issue.

If anyone can persuade Hollywood stars to pose naked, it would be Tom Ford. Scarlett Johansson and Keira Knightley bared it all with fashion superstar Tom Ford on the background.

Photographed by Annie Leibovitz, Scarlett Johansson and Keira Knightley posed nude for the cover of Vanity Fair magazine's yearly Hollywood issue, to be released Wednesday.

Fashion superstar Tom Ford also appears on the cover photo with Scarlett and Keira, though he chose to stuck with his trademark black smoking.

Tom Ford, the issue's guest art director, stepped in the glamorous shoot when Rachel McAdams, 29, backed out from posing naked.

"She did want to do it, and then when she was on the set I think she felt uncomfortable, and I didn't want to make anybody feel uncomfortable," Tom Ford said Tuesday on ABC's "Good Morning America."

"A lot of women actually, a couple of men, too, wanted to take their clothes off," he said.

"These are such beautiful people, beautiful women, and who doesn't want to see a bit of them."

Angelina Jolie also got naked for the Hollywood issue, posing in a bathtub, with legs and arms carefully placed.

For the cover photo, Keira Knightley, 20, was photographed sitting sideways, but Scarlett Johansson is somewhat more exposed. Readers who open the fold-out cover will see her bare buttocks.

Source: Fashion-Monitor



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